South 40 Giant Seeds


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South Forty Snacks has the seeds you need... well, the seeds you need if you actually want to get some substance from your sunflower seeds. These aren't the seeds you remember from little-league. Nope, these are the world's largest seeds and are made for the pros. If you are addicted to seeds like we are, you'll be cracking these seriously super-sized-seeds all day long. They're imported from the fields of Israel, roasted + salted to perfection in the U.S., and delivered free to your door. In other words, they're a home run ⚾


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Are these sunflower seeds the bomb-diggity dopest?

Well, we’re eating them right now while typing these words (proof: here). And we don’t ever intend to go back to the mini sunflower seeds of our past.



Some things in life are better bigger. A few examples include Paychecks, Gigantic Bars, and of course… Sunflower Seeds. South Forty’s seeds put the seeds you’ve grown accustomed to to shame. Before South Forty came into our lives, we used to walk into convenience stores to snag some “jumbo” sunflower seeds. If that’s what you do and you want to keep doing that and remain satisfied, we urge you to not buy these seeds that are way more jumbo than “jumbo”.


South Forty’s seeds are a unique varietal of Israeli-grown, giant sunflower seed that are not grown in other parts of the world. South Forty searched the U.S. for seeds that were comparable in size, quality, snap, ease of crack, and delicious nutty flavor… but nothing is on par with this Israeli-varietal. So, they import these giant seeds from the fields of Israel and roast + salt them to perfection and deliver them to your door.


And we aren’t sure how they pulled it off, but South Forty’s seeds are not only delicious but also super affordable. Six bags of seeds ship free and are just $29, which comes out to $4.83 per bag of seeds.


So yes, these seeds are bomb-diggity. It’s like the seeds we ate in little-league also grew up with us. These are for the pros!



• Giant and tasty

• Easy to crack

• Makes other sunflower seed eaters jealous of you

• Just two ingredients: Seeds + Salt

• $29 for six bags, $4.83 per bag = a total bargain



• Ruins all other sunflower seeds 😢

• Only one flavor (but sometimes simple is better!)