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Barnacle is on a mission to do good for our oceans, communities, and future. We make a variety of products that feature bull kelp as the star ingredient. On THEBOMB.COM—we are featuring three of our top sellers, our Classic Bullwhip hot sauce, Serrano Bullwhip hot sauce, and Kelp + Amber Ale BBQ sauce. The coolest thing about these three products is that each bottle is roughly 40% fresh bull kelp—that’s almost half the bottle! So it's not like we sprinkle a tiny bit of dried kelp in our products and call it a kelp hot sauce or bbq sauce, it is actually “the main thang” in each one. In addition to these three products, we make kelp seasonings, kelp salsas, and small-batch, limited release products.


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We use bull kelp “stipe” in our Bullwhip hot sauces and BBQ sauce. This is the long, tubular part of the plant, as opposed to the fronds, which are the leafy part of the plant. With kelp making up a large amount of each bottle, our products are high in essential vitamins and minerals. We sustainably wild harvest our kelp, and source our kelp from kelp farmers in Southeastern Alaska.


Kelp farming is an up and coming industry of farming with loads of potential. Kelp is a zero input crop, meaning it requires no fertilizers, fresh water, or land to grow. As it grows, it absorbs excess carbon in our oceans, helping to offset carbon emissions. In other words, by growing and eating more kelp, we can help fight climate change from the comfort of our own homes.




Kelp imparts mouthwatering UMAMI in our hot sauces and BBQ sauce. Yeah, that delicious fifth sense you can’t put into words that keeps you coming back for more? That’s the power of umami.


Our Classic Bullwhip with piri piri peppers is deepy savory and has a pleasantly briny flavor. It imparts delicious flavor when added to sauce bases (like tomato sauces, or marinades) and also makes a nice condiment for ramen, chowder, and other soups. It’s also killer on a burger or as a dipping sauce for charcuterie (or SEA-cuterie) boards.


Our Serrano Bullwhip with serrano pepper and ghost pepper is much brighter and zingier (zingy-er?) and is a level up on the spice scale. It’s a fantastic addition to eggs, wraps, bean bowls, and anything that can benefit from being brightened up and with some zesty spice.


Our BBQ sauce is a collaboration with our friends at Alaskan Brewing Company, containing their amber ale, and our bull kelp. Our favorite way to use this one is with grilled salmon. It is also delicious slathered on all kinds of game. It’s even a yummy dipping sauce for tots, smashed potatoes, and veggies. Overall, it’s a highly versatile BBQ sauce.




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• Kelp is a superfood, and is the primary ingredient in each sauce (about 40%)

• Sustainable and good for the planet 

• It's seriously delicious—approved by the entire team at THEBOMB.COM



• Makes you wonder if other hot sauce is healthy and what the main ingredient in them is