Shimas Jerky Chips


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What crunches like a chip, tastes like jerky... yet is low carb and high in protein? You're looking at it! Shima’s jerky chips are individually handcrafted through a slow-baked dehydration process. The chips are airy thin and have the familiar taste of beef jerky but with a crunch and texture that resembles a chip! The Shima's recipe is a carefully selected blend of spices that enhance the taste and pack a flavorful punch of umami (savory + sweet), all uniquely combined into one delicious, crispy jerky chip. They're ultra thin, crunchy, loaded with flavor... and we'd reach for a bag of Shima's over regular jerky (or regular chips) any day!


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We’ve Got Beef With Chips 😡


Yeah, that’s right. We’re mad at chips because we’re now aware that regular chips don’t taste as great as Shima’s beef jerky chips.


And that’s probably because Shima’s Jerky Chips are not like most Jerky OR like most Chips!


Most jerky is WAY too thick and often has the taste and texture of a damp leather shoe. Okay, that’s an extreme example… regular jerky is not quite THAT bad but we assure you it’s not as tasty as Shima’s.


Shima’s is also low carb and high in protein compared to chips (it’s baked and not fried). So in other words you can enjoy Shima’s guilt-free as the perfect snack because it’s the anti-chip chip. Shima’s Jerky Chips ingredients are so simple and limited, we thought we’d toss them here for your viewing pleasure: Beef, Brown Sugar, Gluten Free Tamari (water, soybeans, salt, sugar), Black Pepper, Garlic, Onion, Honey, Paprika, Salt, & Lemon.


Shima’s are airy-thin, crispy, crunchy and are packed with a ton of flavor. The texture of Shima’s will legitimately surprise you all while making you wonder if you’ve ever had good jerky and why you snack on regular chips.


So is it a Chip or is it Jerky?






• Out of this world flavor

• Owned by start up, OG entreprenurs 

• All natural ingredients

• Slow baked + small batch

• A truly surprising (and pleasant) texture



• The chips are thin, so they can crumble in the bag (but you'll probably eat it all before it can get to that point)