Gigantic Candy Bar


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Gigantic Candy Bars are... regular in size. But it's not so much their regular size that makes them Gigantic, it's their humungously delicious and savory flavor. We've been eating this stuff like it's candy. Oh wait, it is candy. It's a Sortasweet-Fullaflavor-Gigantic-Regular-Sized Candy bar that is 100% plant based yet somehow tastes like candy and NOT like a salad even though you could argue that it is a salad.


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What’s Gigantic? They’re Sortasweet candy bars for so-called “adults” made with Fairtrade dark chocolate, plant-based caramel and just 7g of sugar. Every bar is vegan, gluten-free, and fullaflavor! These nostalgic bars are available in four savory flavors: Salted Peanut, Hazelnut Café, Almond Horchata, and Banana Pecan.



  • Grown ups can eat it wihout feeling (as) guilty
  • It's vegan, gluten free, and 100% plant based... but does not taste like salad
  • It has only 7g of sugar, aka 69% less than the average candy bar
  • The surgar is real (no fake sugar, sugar alcohols, stevia, monk fruit, etc.) 
  • Plant-based caramel is made with coconut milk!


  • Not physically Gigantic. Should be more Gigantic-er
  • Seriously, they really are not very large as compared to most candy bars... but that's also kind of a good thing