Snow Days Pizza Bites



Snow Days took all the unnatural things out of Pizza Bites and replaced them with organic, grain-free ingredients so you can finally eat pizza bites as an adult and not seem like a psycho. Oh, and kids like them too.


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Today is going to be a good day! Because you just discovered the most bomb-diggity pizza bite on the planet. These plump pizza pockets are pure pleasure on the palate. Nothing is better than waking up and learning it’s a Snow Day… except having Snow Days Pizza Bites on your day off from school (or work).


Snow Days are all loaded with organic vegetables, grass-fed mozzarella (we didn’t know cheese ate grass) and olive oil. Now there is finally no shame in being an adult and eating pizza bites for dinner!


Dang… have we reached our peak? What gets more bomb than healthy pizza bites?


• Well it's pizza for starters

• Packed with healthy stuff and you can't even tell

• They be OG - That's what we call organic

• They skip the soy

• Great packaging, branding, messaging, and name

• Scarlett Johansson is the Creative Director for Snow Days and one of our team members has had a crush on her since he was a child. But don't tell Scarlett because it's a secret.




• There really isn't much to dislike...

• They make other food lame now...

• Maybe they could have a few more flavors

• There aren't 1,000 in a bag