Minimal Snacks

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Minimal Snacks is a superfood innovation startup with an objective to disrupt modern snack industry trends by developing delicious, nourishing snacks with simple, recognizable ingredients you can count on one hand. And we're proud to feature our debut product, MNML Air Dried Beef, on THEBOMB.COM.

MNML Air Dried Beef is a four-ingredient superfood jerky with 23g protein and 0g sugar in a 195 calorie package. Beyond its short list of quality ingredients and nutritional punch, MNML Air Dried Beef tastes freakin' delicious— something like a cross between jerky and prosciutto. Unlike conventional brittle and dry jerkies, MNML is aged slowly to preserve its mouthwatering tenderness and savory umami flavor without any preservatives.

Our Kickstarter campaign blew through its initial goal and we're currently 400%+ funded. The campaign will continue to be open until Feb 16, 2022, so THEBOMB.COM followers still have a few days to pre-order MNML Air Dried Beef at special pre-launch pricing!


We value community input. Let us know how you jive with this product so we can continue to build the most bomb-diggity-dot-com on the internet.




Minimal Snacks is a student-led team experimenting with superfood innovation and nutrition optimization out of Northwestern University. We’ve set out to make waves in snacking culture by a) influencing consumers to be intentional about their snacking and #readthelabel, and b) pressuring manufacturers to prioritize simplicity and transparency.


We put our money where our mouth is. That’s why our debut product features an ingredient list we’re so proud of that we put it on the front of our package:

• 100% whole-muscle beef steak – beautifully marbled, sizable pieces that make for easy snacking (and never that ambiguous minced stuff they use in conventional jerky).

• Red wine vinegar – derived from red wine with a mild flavor and a number of antioxidants. The acidity from the vinegar allows for food-safe and long-lasting beef without any synthetic preservatives.

• Shiitake extract – a high-end mushroom with a complex umami flavor that complements the savory, mouthwateringly tender beef. Shiitakes also pack a unique nutritional punch and are known for their cognitive and physiological health benefits.

• Salt – for taste, and to keep the beef food-safe without any dubious preservatives.


MNML packs a nutritional punch while, as one of our partners put it, tasting like “high end charcuterie in beef jerky form.” That’s why MNML’s fan base already includes nutrition-conscious athletes, such as Ryan Deakin (Team USA Wrestling) and NFL prospects Isaiah Chambers, Ralph Holley, and Ty Shelby, as well as food connoisseurs, such as The Dude Network, @grainfreee, and @tampafoodmom.


Once you’ve had a taste, MNML will become a staple in your briefcase, gym bag, or rucksack. Whoever you are, whatever your craft—MNML Air Dried Beef will fuel your ambition.




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• Literally some of the tastiest jerky we've ever tried — tested & approved by the team at THEBOMB.COM

• We're not sure if you can even call it jerky because it's better than jerky

• Should probably be illegal

• We love supporting start-up entrepreneurs and you should, too



• Bags of jerky tend to have less jerky in them than we wish they had. MNML did nothing to change that trend and since it's so delicious it hurts even more when the bag runs out