Up To Good Energy



Chances are if you are reading this you like coffee? Us too... and it turns out the coffee beans we've been consuming all these years grow inside of a fruit that gets discarded by the boat-load. Up To Good harnesses the waste of the coffee fruit, known as Cascara, and turns it into tasty "energy drinks" you can feel great about guzzling. Who even knew flavor and energy could be brewed out of the coffee fruit rather than from the coffee bean! You may not ever look at coffee or energy drinks the same — Up To Good has no synthetic junk and a better feeling energy compared to the "gas station drinks".


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They are on a mission to be the anti-energy drink company with a kind boost. Most of the energy drinks you bump into in your day-to-day are filled with loads of synthetic, chemical based junk that do not serve you or the world with kindness. That’s why Up To Good is fueled by caffeine from upcycled Cascara, the “cherry” of the coffee fruit that typically is discarded rather than put to good use. Now you can change the way you power your day and give it a boost with a more clean, healthy, transparent, and sustainable energy drink brand.



Cascara is the Spanish word for “skin”, “peel”, or “husk.  We’re only mildly embarrassed to admit that we did not know that 1) the coffee bean is really a pit inside a cherry 2) the cherry is a tasty, flavorful source of caffeine and 3) Cascara is the name of the cherry fruit!


Up To Good brews sun-dried Cascara and puts it to use as its single caffeine source. The result is a flavorful caffeinated beverage without any of the synthetic crap found in “gas station energy drinks”.



Each flavor boasts 80mg of clean caffeine and is non-gmo, plant based, upcycled, has no added sugar, is gluten free, and has around just 40 calories per can!


Flavors include: Original – A blend of herbs and spices for a balanced, rich brewed flavor of coffee fruit. Lemon Ginger – A zingy ginger and sprightly lemon complement the earthy cascara notes. Hibiscus Berry – Brings a fruity flavor to the rich brewed cascara.








• Single caffeine source from coffee fruit

• No synthetic crap like the energy drinks you're used to

• "Upcycled" fruit would have been discarded

• Sustained energy with no jitters or crash

• Around just 40 calories per can





• A bit more expensive than synthetic energy drings, but ships free!