Funny Water


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This water reminds us of regular water, but it has a twist that makes it only for adults. Yup, Funny Water is alcohol-infused H2O with natural flavors, electrolytes, antioxidants, and no bubbles. Hilarious right? It's a light, refreshing beverage that keeps you more hydrated than other boozy beverages, but at 3.75% alcohol it sill gets you a little "jazzed" up. Now you don't have to drink water between every drink, you can just drink Funny Water.


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Now You Can Bring Water To The Party


Or if you’re like us and don’t get invited to parties, you can drink water alone while watching the game. 


Funny Water comes in three refreshing flavors; Watermelon, Cucumber-Mint, and Citrus. 


For scientific purposes, we tried all three flavors, back to back, marathon style.  Watermelon is the lightest in flavor and lets some taste of alcohol come through. Citrus smells heavenly. 


Cucumber-Mint is our fave flave, but you might as well try them all! They only come in a variety pack, so you don’t have a choice.


The most surprising thing about funny water?


With your first few sips of Funny Water… you’ll expect bubbles, and there are no bubbles so it’ll play games with your mind. You’ll spend about two seconds wondering if you’re disappointed there’s no bubbles but then realize you’re totally cool with the lack of bubbles and it actually makes it easier to drink. Like water (but only for adults).


Funny Water is light, refreshing, and is the perfect beverage for pool parties, concerts, or anywhere you want to feel “jazzed” up but still stay super hydrated. And it’s hilarious.



• Light & refreshing 

• No bubbles (it's actually kind of nice to not have bubbles)

• Hydrating

• Hilarious



• Can't buy specific flavors, and Cucumber-Mint would be our go-to