Taika Coffee



Taika is going to give you more than just their digits–they're going to give you superpowers. Just kidding, but they legitimately will give you a better coffee drinking experience because Taika is not just coffee... it's a perfectly calibrated blend of coffee & adaptogens that balance caffeine's highs and lows for a smooth, clear experience. Taika's ingredients make you feel how you wish other coffees would make you feel.


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Taika set out to create coffee that makes you feel inspired, not wired! 


They designed the world’s first perfectly calibrated coffee by selecting ingredients to make you feel how you wish other coffees would feel.

Taika (meaning “magic” in Finnish) has a line of ready-to-drink, adaptogen-infused beverages, designed to keep you calm, focused, and clear.



They pull it off with four functional, healthy, and delicious flavors:

Macadamia Latte – essentially coffee ice cream but with zero sugar.

Matcha Latte – fusion of organic ceremonial grade matcha with creamy housemade macadamia milk + a blend of adaptogens and functional mushrooms to deliver hours of creativity in a can.

Oat Milk Latte – Lightly sweet but without any added sugar, it’s smooth like a dolphin and delicious like cereal milk.

Black Coffee – Just the right amount of bitter. No sugar, no milk, no frills.



What in the FAQ are adaptogens?

Adaptogens are plant-based ingredients (often mushrooms or fungi derived) that help the body adapt to stress. They’re particularly well known in traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic traditions, both of which have used adaptogens for centuries to fight all types of ailments.


The Taika adaptogen blend is a mix of carefully selected herbs and mushrooms including L-theanine for Focus, Ashwagandha for Calm, Lion’s mane for Clarity, Reishi for Immunity, and Coryceps miltaris for Energy.



Taika has zero added sugar and is naturally low carb. Rather than sugar, Taika uses allulose and monk fruit to add a touch of sweetness to their creamy lattes. No calories and no carbs make it a great option for a ketogenic diet.



With Taika you can be awake, aware, and inspired without ever crossing over into antsy, anxious, or strung out!


• No added sugar (sweetened with allulose & monk fruit)

• Low carb 

• Ready to go and delivered to your door

• Healthy and delicious

• Less caffeine than regular coffee (120mg vs 200mg)



• More spendy than most coffee cans, but still cheaper than going out