NuStrips Vitamin Technology



A revolution in nutrition and vitamin delivery technology. Meet NuStrips. Powerful little strips packed with all your wellness needs.


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These little suckers, oops I mean strippers, are freaking neat! They are little strips that are ready to rip. Drop one on your tongue, let it dissolve, and drift off to Strawberry Fields… Just kidding… there is no trip in these strips—just vitamins and other awesome stuff! Learn more about what strip is right for you.


• Taking one is super convenient 

• They are extremely portable

• Beautiful & sustainable packaging

• It's fun to open & close the box 

• They a pretty dang tasty (flavors range)

• They absorb into your body faster than a traditional vitamin



• We would say too much packaging but it's 0 waste, so that's neat

• Some taste better than others, but beauty tastes like a bowl of fruit loops

• Honestly, we might take too many in one day