Grummies Vitamin Gummies



Gummies are full of fake things. Don't pretend you haven't always known. That's why Grummies was invented. They're like gummies, but with the letter R, for Real ingredients. They spent two years working with the best scientific minds, taking all the bad stuff out of gummy vitamins without sacrificing any of the taste or health benefits. Grummies feature real superfoods. Organic sweeteners. Flavors made from actual fruit. Crazy good gummy flavor. No fake stuff you can't pronounce.


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Grummies… more like yummies! If these were candy they’d be gone in a day. Honestly who in their right mind would rather swallow a vitamin in pill form instead of eating what can only be considered to be a fruit snack? Move over Flintstones and make way for Grummies. Finding the right stuff to put in your body requires homework (gross). That’s why Grummies did tons of research with the best R&D teams. Grummies feature non-GMO, vegan superfoods in the highest available gummy dosages. Eat your vitamins like an adult… in gummy form!




• Your father was a hamster and you mother smelled of elderberrys.

• We like to misspell words... so adding an R in Gummies is nice.

• They taste like a treat.

• We love when stuff that is good for us tastes good too



• We keep eating more than we are supposed to because they taste like candy... and now we are basically superheroes with the amount of Grummies we are eating.