Rotten Gummy Worms


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We've partnered with a worm company to bring you the most rotten thing on the internet. These worms contain significantly more sugar than real worms but have 70% less sugar than regular gummy worms.  Rotten is hot on Kickstarter right now, fully funded in 4 hours and now over 300% funded. Let's keep it going to help Rotten bring their better gummy worms to market by pre-ordering today!


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The gummy worms you’re used to are not only loaded with sugar but also loaded into packaging that doesn’t rot. Everything should rot!


That’s why Michael, the founder of Rotten Gummy Worms, is on a mission to change that with gummy worms that use 70% less sugar and are packaged into 100% compostable packaging!


Rotten Gummy Worms are offered in a Regular and Sour version and come in 4 mouth-DECAYING flavors: Strawberry–Lemonade & Grapefruit–Watermelon

all sweetened with Allulose rather than overloaded with sugar—


WT* is Allulose?

Allulose is a non-artificial sugar substitute. It is a rare (and real!) sugar, naturally occurring in foods like figs, raisins, and maple syrup. It’s a great alternative to sugar because it is 70% as sweet, is non-glycemic, and only has about 10% of the calories.


And according to the internet, many humans (especially those with or at risk for diabetes or obesity) can benefit from Allulose as a sugar alternative because it is low in calories and has little effect on blood sugar. #Winning.


It’s time to stop eating the over-sweetened, non-Rotten gummy worms in packaging the never rots and help Michael’s Rotten dreams come true by supporting his Kickstater campaign.


• Sweetened with real fruit and allulose

• 4 mouth DECAYING flavors

• 70% less sugar than those other worms ‍

• Earth-friendly, home-compostable packaging



• It's not ready for purchase yet... but you can pre-order on Kickstarter!