Jibby CBD Infused Cold Brew



A deliciously rich, Colombian blend from the Nariño and Huila regions, cold-brewed for 18 hours, and infused with American grown hemp-derived CBD. Dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, no added sugar and no compromises—made in the USA. Use code THEBOMB for 10% off your order. Cheers!


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We are getting jiggy with Jibby! We love coffee… sometimes we love it so much we end up shaky! Well Jibby helped us find balance. A nice strong cup of Joe without the jitters. If you like black coffee this is for you. If you take it a little sweeter, toss in a little creamer and maple syrup and you got yourself one tasty treat.


• Well coffee is amazing

• CBD really seems to add a mellow background feeling

• Beautiful branding and packaging

• Tastes great & feels good! 



• Nothing!

• We need our web developer to remove the "dislikes" section when there's nothing we dislike