Ohza Mimosa



Make every day a celebration and do the celebrating anywhere with THEBOMB.COM'S first ever feature of a boozy-beverage! Made with 100% real juice and premium bubbly, Ohza brings the world their line of delicious mimosas packed with the taste you know and love... but better. Ohza Mimosas have up to 80% less sugar and 60% less calories than one made at home or by your local bartender, but with all of the flavor, none of the mess, and the ability to take 'em where life takes you.


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Ohza is fast becoming our favorite Canned Cocktail Company


So looky here… mimosas are delicious, and up until Ohza stumbled into our lives we thought they were made just for brunch (or “broonch” if you’re not a brunch professional like these guys).


But one thing we’ve come to realize is that Ohza is on a mission to change the world’s perception of the mimosa… rocking our world as to when, where, and how to consume the mimosa.


Ohza is the original champagne cocktail company that keeps all the things you love about mimosas, but delivered in a less caloric and less sugary and ready-to-drink form.


So whether you’re hitting the beach, the slopes, or even trekking all the way to your kitchen… mimosas can now be enjoyed any place and any time.


Ohza’s all natural ingredients are gluten-free & vegan and have the same core ingredients across all flavors: Sparkling Wine + Fruit Juice.


The flavors include:



Made with 100% real orange juice and premium bubbly, the original mimosa packs the taste you know and love, but better. It has up to 80% less sugar and 60% less calories than one made at home or by your local bartender, but with all of the flavor.



A twist on Ohza’s Classic Mimosa, but the citrus is swapped for 100% real mango juice to create a champagne cocktail bursting with flavor.



A refreshingly tart mimosa with zero sugar bubbly and real cranberry juice for the perfect balance of sweetness. The driest of all the Ohza flavors, it’s the ideal beverage for someone who likes something less sugary that they can drink all day long. #NoJudgement


Classic Bellini

Just like one you’d make at home or get at Harry’s Bar in Venice, Italy, the Classic Bellini is made with 100% real peach juice for a bold, authentic taste.


• Perfect bubble to juice ratio

• Hard to beat the portibility 

• 12 cans = 4 champagne bottles + 2 juice cartons

• WAY less sugar and cals than most Mimosas 

• Natural, gluten-free & vegan ingredients







• Alcohol is poison, consume cautiously. 21+ only