Small Axe Peppers Hot Sauce


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Do you like hot sauce? Do you like kindness? Do you like supporting community gardens across America? If you said yes to any of those questions... there is a solid chance you'll enjoy Small Axe Peppers Hot Sauces. Who knew eating hot sauce could lead to "small axe" of kindness.


We value community input. Let us know how you jive with this product so we can continue to build the most bomb-diggity-dot-com on the internet.


Small Axe Peppers is on a mission to connect you directly to community gardens and urban farms in your neighborhood—through the wonders of hot sauce.


Small Axe Peppers Hot Sauce is made with peppers purchased from more than 75 community gardens in 15 cities across America.


They source their peppers from gardens at premium prices. This helps communities earn income to support themselves and the maintenance of their gardens.


Community Gardens are amazing resources in urban areas that are too often under-served. Each garden has a unique social mission, informed by the needs of the surrounding areas. From high school students to immigrants and refugees, to people who simply want to enjoy a shady cool green space in the middle of the city, community gardens are places where people from all backgrounds and walks of life can come together.


Previously, these gardens depended on unreliable grants, donations, and out-of-pocket expenses to maintain their community gardens. Now, they are able to devote a portion of their garden to growing peppers as a cash crop, which allows them to fund their vital social programming.


Small Axe Peppers connects you directly to urban farms and community gardens in your neighborhood. You support these community gardens and urban farms each time you purchase this delicious hot sauce.


• Being nice is nice.

• Featured on "Hot-Ones" viral interview show

• Hot sauce makes everything taste better—except stuff it doesn't.

• Gardening is bomb-diggity.

• It's a win-win. Eat hot sauce help gardens.  

• By helping gardens the world gets more hot sauce and the circle of life continues.



• If you don't like peppers–not for you.

• My parents used to put hot sauce on my tongue when I was naughty.

• Packaging could be more attractive—but that is subjective... just like people's taste... so...