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Our friends at Mintier have been hard at work experi-mint-ing on what traditional mints do to your breath... and the results are smelly! Did you know that the typical mint is made up of two-thirds sugar? It's basically like eating candy, which is delicious and all but it turns out that sugar actually feeds the bacteria in your mouth and makes the situation worse. That's why Mintier is here with the world's first oil-based breath mint that is completely sugar-free and has NO sugar alcohols. Now it's easy to freshen your breath and not eat an entire box of mints (aka candy) in one day.


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Easier. Healthier. Mintier. 


So is it mint to be? Well, if you have a breath it’s probably worth considering.


During long days at the office, long commutes, and heavy coffee consumption, the Mintier founders Rhaelyn and Jessica wanted a solution to maintain fresh breath. Hard to blame them, ay? Especially when you need to be around other humans, having fresh breath is probably just the polite thing to do.


The logical path to fresher breath is to pop in some breath mints… but what Rhaelyn and Jessica came to realize is that the mints that were supposed to be helping the situation were really only making it worse! With some time, research, and experi-mint-ing, they discovered that traditional mints are jam-packed with sugar or sugar alcohols that bacteria love to feed on and are responsible for creating bad breath! Talk about counter productive!


So out of necessity, Mintier was born! Mintier is an oil based breath mint with absolutely no sugars & only 6 natural ingredients. Each bottle lasts an average of four weeks and contains 120 servings of fresh breath. Mintier is also vegan, keto-friendly, made in Canada and most importantly will give you Actually Fresher Breath!


Can you say that about a pack of mints?




• Only six natural ingredients 

• Healthier + more effective alternative to sugary mints

• 120 servings = way more than a pack of mints

• WAY less sugar than traditional mints

• It's fun supporting start up entrepreneurs 



• Plan on about a week for delivery (ships from Canada)

• No sugar, so it does not taste like a mint that your used to... but it's WAY more functional! 


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