Gina Coffee Brewer

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GINA is a one-of-a-kind coffee maker with the option to brew your coffee in 3 different ways... not to mention a dang art piece for your countertop. Even if you don't like coffee you can still look like a cool kid by just putting this on your counter and talking about roasting notes.


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Is it Gina or Gina? We don’t know how to pronounce it, but we know it packs a punch. Both via it’s ability to craft a killer cup-of-Joe and for the impact is has on a counter top. Your friends will be all, “Oh hey, I knew you liked coffee but I didn’t know you were a scientist!” and you can be all, “Oh, yes… you know a perfect cup of coffee comes from achieving the perfect pH, while limiting the filtration to an optimal level and a drip count of 3.5 drips every 5 seconds. While also maintaining a water temperature optimal enough to penetrate through the beans rigidity, while maintaining a smooth flow over the duration of the brew… you know?” Just kidding nerds. Gina makes it EASY to brew a great cup of coffee without any nerdy-ness-necessary.


We like coffee nerds, by the way. We’re just dumb. Why are you even reading this?


• We love drip coffee

• We love the aesthetic of the brewer

• We love the ability to cold-brew

• The drip/flow regulator is a great way to adjust the coffee strength




• Drip coffee is certainly more work than your standard lame old brewer

• If you aren't careful, coffee can end up a bit less hot than might be optimal (we've found this to be primarily user error)

• Sometimes we just brew right into our cup and skip the glass craft



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Reina M.
Best coffee

It was easy to use. The coffee was delicious. I’m sure I’ll be buying more for friends and family.