Cliq Chair



The bottle-sized chair for anywhere! Literally, this chair folds up smaller than some water bottles—and we know what you are thinking: "How can such a small chair actually be comfortable?" Well, we thought the same thing until we tried it.


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You gotta know when to hold em’, know when to fold em’… into the size of a water bottle.


Traditional folding chairs are kind of lame. They are not comfortable and they are even less portable. When is the last time you were out on a hike or a walk and thought, “It would be nice to sit and enjoy this view right now.”? Well, it happens quite often to us. And you know what, our butts are tired of sitting on the ground. Your butt deserves the best. That is why we think Cliq chair could be huge—pretty ironic for a chair that folds up smaller than a water bottle.


• It's extremely compact!

• Really comfortable for being so small



• It's no La Z Boy

• Now we don't like hikes without it