Bachans Japanese Barbecue Sauce


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The name Bachan comes from the Japanese word meaning Grandma.... who (like many wonderful things on this earth) we can thank for creating this bomb-diggity barbecue sauce. Staying true to their original family recipe passed down and perfected over generations, Bachan's cold-fills their sauce in small batches which eliminates any need for additives, preservatives, or flavorings. Their crave-worthy flavors come naturally from delicious, clean, and limited ingredients... all started thanks to Grandma's home cooking and now brought to you by Grandson!


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Lemonade Lemonade Like Grandma Made!


Just kidding, this is not lemonade but you’ll love it so much that you might just drink it like Grandma’s lemonade. And we don’t only say that because it tastes BOMB (and makes everything else taste bomb), but also because Bachan’s family recipe originated with their founder’s Grandmother; hence the name Bachan, which means Grandma in Japanese.


Bachan’s not only tastes great, but it’s better for you than a lot of the sauces you’re used to. Bachan’s is made with only 10 all-natural ingredients (all of which you can pronounce). It’s cold-filled and not pasteurized, so that means it’s not packed with a bunch of preservatives. Another thing that sets Bachan’s apart is that it’s not *literally* filled with pointless or unhealthy fillers that many sauce brands pump into their bottles like water, soy, or canola oil in order to cut costs.


Bachan’s flavors include Original, Hot + Spicy, Yuzu, and a Gluten Free version. The sauce is incredibly versatile so it pairs well with almost any food such as veggies, rice, noodles, burgers, steaks, chicken… you name it, Bachan’s probably makes it taste better! You can check out likes + dislikes for our one dislike regarding what it does not taste good with 😂


• Multi-generational recipe perfected over time

• Cold filled, unpasturized (no need for preservatives)

• Only 10 simple ingredients 

• No useless and cheap cost cutting fillers 

• Made in small batches 



• Does not taste good in cereal, we hope they can improve the suace for this purpose (but it tastes good in and on everything else we've tried it with)